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Maroc & Senior

1st Senior Residence in Morocco with full board for
65 € per day
1,950 euros for a single person,
3,000 euros for a couple.

“The three great epochs of mankind are
the Stone Age, the Bronze Age and the Retirement Age"
Maroc & Senior

Possibility of acquiring his apartment for 70,000 euros and therefore of reducing his full board package to 45 € per day!

History of this project

Maroc & Senior


Following the bad experiences experienced by a majority of seniors in nursing homes, retirement homes... in France and other countries whether in terms of care, attention or even the quality of services, I decided to offer a another option. Create a haven of peace in Morocco for seniors from France, Switzerland, Belgium and Luxembourg. well-being would be the ultimate goal in a booming country where hospitality and traditions are the key words. Morocco has a soul, that of a welcoming people who make it a point of honor to receive their guests well. The elderly are precious to them in this country of family tradition. Retiring in Morocco means benefiting from many advantages: geographical proximity, climate, cost of living, Francophonie… A welcoming and French-speaking people, a sunny climate and mild winters, geographical proximity to Europe, a wide community of French expatriates, economic personal services…

Why choose us

We take care of the elderly who are usually alone


Maroc & Senior has an external doctor, nurses and nursing assistants as well as a paramedical team made up of a Physiotherapist, Occupational Therapist. We are also in direct contact with specialists who can intervene very quickly such as Neurologist, Cardiologist, Ophthalmologist, Dentist, etc. In the event of a serious problem requiring hospitalization, Maroc & Senior has signed agreements with private clinics in order to take take care of the residents quickly.

Maroc & Senior

Frequently Asked Questions

Morocco is the third favorite destination country for French retirees behind Portugal and Thailand, according to a survey published by the French website Retraite sans Borders in 2018. A French person who wishes to go to Morocco for a period of less than 3 months does not have no need to get a visa. All he needs is a valid passport. validity to stay in Morocco. On the other hand if you wish to settle in Morocco for your retirement, and therefore in a sustainable way, you will need a card registration document which must be requested from the gendarmerie brigade or police station where you live. To get it, you will have to show white paw! It will therefore be necessary to provide:  a valid passport,  two registration application forms,  proof of address, passport photos,  an extract of your criminal record  and a photocopy of your vaccination record. You will also need to provide a tax stamp worth 100 dirhams (9.07 €) as well as proof that your financial resources are sufficient. This card registration will allow you to obtain a residence permit valid for one duration of 1 year renewable 3 times. Only after a residency period of 3 years that a residence permit valid for 10 years can be issued to you.
Have you decided to retire in Morocco? Remember to let your caisse know primary health insurance beforehand so that they can remove you from their lists. To benefit from healthcare reimbursements in your new country of residence, Consider joining the Caisse des Français Abroad (CFE). As for contributions to pay, they vary. You are likely to be deducted a certain percentage directly on your retirement benefits but it could also be a sum lump sum to be paid. If you want to be sure that your healthcare costs will be reimbursed in full, then it is better to take out a specific contract at the same time with from a French private insurance company. Before leaving to enjoy a well-deserved retirement in Morocco, take a tour insurers! Some like ACS offer full cost coverage medical services for retirees over the age of 60 who have chosen to move to Asia or Africa. You can even benefit from additional liability coverage. civil liability and an option for assistance in the event of repatriation: a little extra that deserves you lingered there.
Morocco offers advantageous taxation to expatriates who want to spend their retirement. Once you arrive in Moroccan lands, you can transfer your retirement pension in non-convertible dirhams. If you do not wish to make this transfer, you benefit from a flat-rate allowance for your taxes of 55% on the amount annual gross of your pension up to a ceiling of 168,000 Dirhams. Beyond, the reduction is “only” 40%. On the other hand, if you choose to place your retirement pension in an account dedicated, you will benefit from a tax reduction of 80% on the total of the sums that you will have chosen to transfer. To be concerned by the Moroccan tax legislation, you must live there more than 183 days in the year and have your tax domicile on the Moroccan territory. Favorable conditions for the most modest retirees to which it is easy to answer when you have chosen to settle in Morocco for his retirement.

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